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Radar Eagle ONE, with direction recognition

Material number: EAGLE1. Lieferzeit erfragen

Price: 314,00 €

Radar Eagle ONE, with direction recognition controlled with an IR remote control, planar antenna orientable ...

PL: S04-P23a
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Radar Eagle TWO, without direction recognition

Material number: EAGLE2

Price: 274,40 €

Radar Eagle ONE, without direction recognition controlled with an IR remote control (optional) , planar antenna orientable on two ...

PL: S04-P23b
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Radar Eagle IR-remote control

Material number: EAGLEREMOTECO

Price: 80,35 €

Remote control - infrared to adjust different parameters of the digital sensor Eagle


Infrared motion detector : Model HR94D - black - no longer available

Material number: HR94D/BL

Infrared motion detector: Model HR94D - black ...